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Is PS3 modding as easy as PSP modding?


I modded(SOFTMOD) my psp a year back and i’ve played about 50 games in it. so now am planning to buy a ps3. so is it possible to softmod a ps3. i dont wanna spend so much money on buyin games. if its not worth buyin a ps3 than i’l stick to pc gaming 😀

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  1. No, you cannot currently mod or jailbreak a PS3. Even if you were able to, your PS3 would be banned from the PSN. It’s also possible you could brick it making it useless except as a doorstop or giant paperweight.

  2. If you have a 3.41 or 3.55 system firmware. Its possible and yet easy. Just google kmeaw cfw and you shall be on your way.

    Be Warned: Should you mod, you will not have psn access and the inability to play games version 3.60 and up. (Dead Island, Deus EX, etc.)

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