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Is it worth waiting for the Xbox 720?


I currently don’t own a proper gaming system, unless you count a computer (I don’t). I know I’m going to be getting an Xbox, but I want to know whether I should just buy an Xbox 360 now, or wait until they release the Xbox 720 (Or whatever they’re going to call it) later this year. Would it be worth the wait? Both hardware and features, and price-wise.

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  1. I say wait, the progressive updates they are doing for the new generation xbox is going to be night and day compared to the 360, if you can hold off I recommend the “720”. You could buy a 360 and trade it in or sell it when the 720 is ready to be shipped.

  2. do you like MMOs where you have to sign into the sever every time you play a game? how about getting knocked off the server after playing the game longer than an hour? that is the future.that is what the next gen will.enjoy your future digital overloads. Ubisoft and EA is going to bring on the next gaming crash.

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