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Is it relevant to get an Xbox 360 now?


Ok, last Christmas, I bought a brand new 160 GB Play Station 3 because all of my friends just SWORE by it. Now, they all say Xbox 360 is the best, and nothing can top it. I thought about asking for a T.V. and an Xbox 360 for Christmas (Black Friday sales permitting. Lol. I would never ask for two large items like that unless there was a good buy.) But recently, I’ve been hearing about the Xbox 720 eminent arrival. So, I was wondering if buying an Xbox 360 relevant, or should I just wait for the Xbox 720? Any information is greatly appreciated!

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  1. There is no release date for any of the next gen consoles its possible late 2013 to mid 2014 there is no rush for a release of new consoles so far everything is on paper so we have to wait for the next E3 for a real confirmation. If you have money for it I say go for it both have pros and cons but have the benefit of getting exclusives for both consoles so either way you’ll win. Both systems have plenty of life left in them so there is no harm in not getting one.

  2. they’ve yet to even announce the next xbox but i’m predicting they’ll announce it by the end of this year at least. I would wait till black friday to get the xbox

  3. Xbox720 should come up by the end of this year or the start of next year, idk if u wanna wait or wat. Ps3 is WAY BETTER tho, u dont have to pay for online games and all that and its kinda the same graphics as the xbox

  4. Don’t listen to that idiot that said PS3 is way better, he is just a fanboy. It depends how much you want it and whether you can get a good price. The new xbox is most likely coming out in 2013, so it is entirely your decision whether you want to wait or you want to get one. Good luck!

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