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Is gt4 really worth getting for the xbox360 or should i just get san andreas in xbox for the xbox 360?


ive heard gta4 isnt that great!

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  1. GTA 4 certainly is much better than the older ones there r better graphics n storyline n much more content.also itz a blast playing on live.

  2. personally, i got gta 4 and it doesnt really impress me that much. It has a lot of new and cool stuff like a new comnbat system.and more realistic city. But in this game, rockstar forgot one thing. In this game they tend to make it more of a realistic game and i dont see anything wrong with that. But they left out the original GTA arcade style. Like in the beginning when Niko gets into a car, youll have some difficulty and driving is nowhere near as fun as the old driving style. You cant pull off fun jumps and theres no nitro. And another thing is that you cant increase ur stats like you could in san andreas. And no car modification and a lot less vehicles.Missions can get really repetitive. Nontheless, even though it lacks a lot of the stuff that made gta such a great series in the first place, its still a worthy game to place in ur spare time. I dont know about u guys but i perfer san andreas a lot more. So to answer your question, if you dont mind losing the old gta arcade style, cool vehicle stunts, doing repetitive mission and ur a fan of gta, then go ahead and get this game.

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