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Is 6gb of Broadband Usage enough for MW2 on PS3?


I have downloaded the PS3 software update for my PS3 so i now go online. (she_got_ur_numba- ADD ME!!) and my Broadband usage has gone out the window. So now i cant watch youtube videos or any other online videos.

Is it the software update or just me playing online on the PS3 MW2?

So is 6GB enough to play on MW2 for a few hours each day?

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  1. Its more than enough bc when you game online its tiny information that flows, think of like strings in a tube. The strings represent the controls and the tube the internet, and the stings are made up of electricity so not wool. But anyway you don’t need large strings bc every sting does something, like move a arm or even shots. Like a string puppet show. And even if you use your bandwidth limit and the tube shrinks you still be able to use the strings bc they are tiny and can fit.

    A average youtube video at 360p will theoretically consume 78 KB every second, so at that rate you can watch around 21 hours until you have used up your limit. But remember not all videos are at 360p but you get the point, so if you have a download limit go here [url is not allowed] and select I have a slow connection. Never play video in high resolution.

  2. Internet usage is simply anything you download from the internet. That includes ANY online gaming of ANY game, PS3 system updates, game updates, things you buy from the PSN store, and anything else you download (including those Youtube & online videos). Whether or not 6 GB is enough depends on what you use your internet for and how often you use it. Not just for PS3, but for any laptops & PCs in your home as well. I think you already proved that 6 GB is not enough for your needs since you haven’t been able to watch many videos anymore.

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