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In what order should i buy these ps3 games in?


I’m about to buy a ps3 and i have some games in mind that i want to buy shortly after and i want to know what order i should get them in


Killzone 2

Resistance 2

Resident evil 5

Little big planet

Street fighter 4

Oblivion 4

If there are any other recommended games i should get tell me =)

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  1. okay heres how it should look

    1st get Oblivion its a long game and you will get a good start on it its very long though like 120 hours+

    2nd get Killzone 2

    3rd get littlebigplanet to take a break from first person games like the previous 2

    4th get MGS4

    5th get Resident Evil 5

    6th get Street Fighter 4

    Lastly Resistance 2 since its the best game out of them all

  2. First buy Killzone 2. It’s an amazing game with really fun, addictive online. Then buy LittleBigPlanet or Resistance 2. If you want to switch it up a little bit and not get another FPS then get LittleBigPlanet. I personally am not interested in the rest of the games so for them I wouldn’t be the one to ask.

  3. I have played them all and this is how I would go.

    Resistance 2

    Killzone 2

    Street fighter 4





    These are all great games so it doesnt really matter which ones you get first this is just the order I would do.

    Of course the number one game you should get first is Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Cod4). Especially since Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is coming out.

  4. Killzone 2



    Resistance 2

    Resident Evil 5

    Street Fighter 4

    Oblivion 4

    You pretty much covered the main ones though I would throw in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and BioShock as well.

  5. 1) Killzone 2. it’s simply awesome. the graphics will make your eye pop out. The game has an awesome campaign and great online. It’s a must buy.

    2) MGS4. get it only if you have played previous MGS’s as back story knowledge is required. Or else everything will go above your head. If you have played the previous ones (and chances are you love them if you have), this one is EPIC. It’s the BEST game on the PS3. It feels less like a game and more like a movie. Only reason it’s below KZ2 is cause KZ2 is newer and so online now is really fun in KZ2 as there are many people playing it

    3) LBP: Trust me, this game is awesome. It’s the best concept game in a long long time. Level making which is regarded as a complex art is made to look ridiculously simple by this awesome game even for a casual gamer. And the best part is that it’s available for 11£ at Amazon UK. get it before stocks run out.

    4)R2: Again, second best shooter on PS3 after KZ2. 60 player online is really fun and campaign is good.

    5)RE5: I didn’t like this one as I hated the controls, but if you have played previous RE games then it won’t be a hinderance as it has the same ‘TANK’ controls

    6)SF4: Never was a arcade style fighting game lover. It get old after sometime unlike many other games which have high replay value. But if you like fighting games then this one is the best offering as off now.

    7)Oblivion: If you want to buy a RPG, then Fallout 3 will be a better one (it’s from Bethesda. Oblivion creators). It’s newer and with GUNS!

    Again, these are only my preference.

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