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Important! Ps3 4.75 Update?


I have a ps3 4.70 JB Cfw Cex. every time I try to sign in, there is a message saying:

‘A system software is required. Do you want to update now?’

I was told not to update my ps3. I don’t know what to do. This just happened today 6/1/15. If anybody knows how to get back online it would be much Appreciated. Thank you

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  1. dont update lol wait till they release a new 4.75 for cfw. dont listen to them okkk. its okay its the same thing happening to me tho. do not update it till they release the new 4.75 for cfw!

  2. Hey bro I hope you didn’t update your playstation to ofw!

    This happens all the time and is just another part of PS3 modding.

    Right now evilnat has a sen enabler that works on cfw 4.66+

    Keep in mind any spoofer is a quick fix and not a genuine update. As always there is a risk of ban when playing online but with a spoofer that risk goes up exponentially as you are simply emulating the 4.75 syscons and running the actual firmware from startup.

    I’ve been around for a while and have released mods under another alias than this one.lol. I’ve used spoofers before and usually it works out. But for this update I think I’ll wait and see what happens with this update before I try anything. 😉

    My guess two weeks at the most and Alexander will have a new non cobra update available for the public.

  3. what is happening os you are trying to sign in which requires the latest ofw version , you can not use psn with cfw – period – so if you realy want to sign in and play online you must buy another console and not jailbreak it , if you attempt to update your ps3 that has cfw it will brick the ps3 and get your account banned

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