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im not sure Why is my screen gray and liney after i set up my playstation 3 and why cant i connect online?


please help me plz explain to me very simple like even a parent whos never played a video game before would understand

i did hold down the power button i did reset it

i put the red white yellow under the same colored plugs that were already there on my lg 48 inch 3d tv help

the screen is gray and i can still see the menu or game can still play its just not what its suppose to look colored and i dont have the cord to do the interwebs to my ps3 i tried to do it wireless it said it took too long i tried sking bestbuy they knew nothing and i guess game stop knew something maybe i dont wanna exchange it for nother i just bought it

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  1. go buy the ethernet cable you need or move the ps3 closer to the router so the wifi signal is better

    the color situation is probably because you are using the wrong connection on your tv , it would be black and white or just grey if you are trying to use a/v cables with a component connection , so you either need the right cab;e or to use the proper input on the tv , so since you need a different cable for the ps3 and have an hdtv go buy an hdmi cable , why use a ps3 in sd only if you have an hdtv? you can’t get hd if you use the a/v cable. its only going to cost you $10-$15 for an hdmi cable and another $20 for the ethernet cable , so go to best buy and get those cables for your ps3

    Also , if you want 3D you’ll have to get hdmi and it has to be the high speed version 1.4 hdmi cable , you’re wasting that nice 3d tv by not using its 3d and hd , stop using the a/v cable and get the proper hdmi one

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