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I want buy a gaming console. Which of them would be a better option from Nintendo- Wii , PS2 , PS3 and X-Bo?



  1. if u dont have a lot of money ps2 trust me most games are onthat system and etc u know its great but if u have alot get a ps3

    1ps2 if u dont have it its better to get it than ps3 if u dont have money

    2ps3 u hae money enjoy online

    3xbox back up for ps3 but more money than ps3 even

    4wii if ur small kid

  2. Wii – Haven’t got one, but i’ve played it a lot and it’s not my cup of tea. If you’re into Nintendo’s games and that it’s a cheap option so go for it.

    Xbox 360 – I’ve had one, i sold it. Gameplay isn’t bad, it was the RROD that ruined it for me. If you want one, i don’t mind you getting it but if you get the red ring dont be suprised.

    ps2 – Good console, i always preferred the sega dreamcast myself. Good gameplay but if you want better gameplay experience get a 360 or ps3.

    ps3 – I’ve had all the playstations, this is expensive but well worth the cash in my opinion.

  3. I have a Wii and i love it!! its soo cool and it get you into shape too 🙂 I also would say the X-BOX for the 2nd choice. I love playing on LIVE. It depends what you like playing. If you like being active and want to keep in shape while having fun then FOR SURE get the Wii. If you want to sit on your couch and play combat games all day then get the XBOX.

  4. well my ps2 has lasted ever since the first slimlines came out my ps3 lasted not very long before it melted and the xbox stopped working after 3 days of purchase nintendo wii is good fun also try gamecube they really cheap at the mo games are easy to find on amazon also you can throw them out the window and still work later on they are relly just like the wii speaking of wich the wii does just the same and you can play gamecube games on them i suggest an atari 2600 they soo old but the games are addictive

  5. ok well. let me give you the lowdown

    1. nintendo wii- online is alright. shooting games are not good for this system. do not buy if you like them. main games on this system are for family and majority are E rated. buy this if you are kid friendly

    2. PS2- this system was good in its past but face it, its old. it has been lowered to all time low(99.99), and the only games still coming out on it are sports games. graphics arent that good and it has lost its touch. also it needs a wire to play online and nobody plays anymore.

    3- ps3- ps3 is my favorite system but ill be fair towards the others. its online is good but xbox beats it. if it came down to both systems had no online, then this would win. ps3 exclusive games are amazing. resistance games and killzone 2 are a must. online is really fun in all its games.

    4- 360- this system is around the same as ps3. it is very fun to play and its exculsive games are very amazing. its online play is the best out of all 3 new systems, ps3, 360 and wii. but ps3 beats it in exclusive games.

    hope this helps

  6. Wii is a child’s system its boring after a week if your older than 12.

    PS2 is going to be phased out by Sony at the end of the year so they can focus all there efferts on the PS3

    PS3- it has the best graphics, gameplay and the biggest selection of games of any of the consoles. It is not going to be replaced by a PS4 until 2017 or later. So you will definatly get your moneys worth. Online play is free, it has a built in Blu-Ray player (which is going to replace DVDs within the next year and a half) So that is very useful to have.

    Xbox is a poorly made and easily breakable console. The game selection i pretty much the same as the PS3 minus a few like Uncharted, metal gear, resistance, etc. Most Xboxes only last 10 months then they break, so your out of luck then since you will need to get it fixed which is a total hassle.

    Go with the PS3

  7. ok


    wii = rubbish console with rubbish online and no good games i regret buying mine

    ps2 = old now hey have ps3 now!

    ps3 = best outa all of em. online free not as good as xbox but cmon man its free. lasts longer u wont need to send it to xbox every couple of months of so becuz of RROD. good games coming out on ps3 and have blu ray

    xbox 360 = good library of games wit bril online but costs money for online. BReaks easily. overheating and loads more toher things happens

    so ps3. if u do get ps3 also u cud store loads of music and stuff and if u run out of space u can get hard drives for it dfor like $50 for 250gb or 100$ for 500gb to store ur music on. its easy to put a harddrive into ur ps3 and doesnt void ur warranty.

  8. First choice, though it’s a bit old is a PS2. I know most people will disagree, but I think that the PS2 beats all of the other systems in everything other than graphics. Heck, I have all three new systems and I play PS2 games more than I play any of the others. Let’s not forget the cost of system (Cheaper than any of the other three) which leaves more money for great games.

    After that I’d say X-box (Decent if you like to go online since most of their games have an online components)

    Then PS3. Expensive, but definately a powerhouse in graphics.

    Finally, I would not recommend a Wii. I hate that thing. The controller does respond half of the time, especially when you’re moving fast, and it just feels awkward to me. Also, on game graphics the PS2 is better.

  9. The wii sucks big time, unless your a little kid or an old person, the games suck, only selection you have is little kid games, and like 3 adult games, the ps2 is cheap and has great games and a HUGE library, the PS3 has more exclusives and way better ones comming out for 2009-2010 especially compared to the x360, PS3 all the way most features best exclusives and future exclusives plays ps1 games, blu-rays, dvd’s and cd’s, second i would say 360 good games bigger library than the ps3 but it has a 33% chance of breaking, they’ll fix it free but still, third i would say ps2 great console, great selection, and i won’t even place the wii because it sucks big c0ck, if you want motion controls get a ps3 better controls anyway

  10. I’ve played each system you have listed on here. If you’re a Gamer, I say go with the PS3. I feel it has a lot to offer then the other console. I don’t know what the big deal is about the online is better for the 360, hell it better be if the users have to pay for it. also what’s this *E74 error*. If you get he 360 there’s a chance you will see that error.lol. The Wii is more family driven, so if you have a Wife and a few lil ones running around, the Wii will be great. PS2 is just outdated.

    So if you have the funds to do so get the PS3. Com’on it’s a Blu-ray player, and wireless! LoL

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