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I may get Persona 4 for PS2, will I be missing a lot of content since I’m not getting Persona 4 Golden?


Also I heard of the PS Vita TV (link: [url is not allowed]) and think I may wait for that to get Golden (as well as other titles), but is it really that big a difference to get Golden over the regular version? I also plan on getting Persona 3 FES, just to take that into account.

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  1. there is quite a bit of extra content in golden but the story is not that different overall

    here is what p4 golden adds :

    two new social links , marie ( an exclusive character in golden ) and adachi

    chie and teddy have new voices in the english dialogue

    after new game plus you can now use new difficulty levels not in the regular version

    more cut scenes

    several new music tracks

    new areas – ski resort , beach and okina city

    new events including ski trip and halloween outing

    new persona’s

    can now explore inaba city in the evening when the uncle is out of the house

    you now have motorized scooters to explore the surrounding areas on

    new costumes can be purchased ( do not affect battles )

    new gardening and bug catching features


    voice of the people and sos features added ( see what choices were popular in the community and ask for help/give help in battles online )

    flow of battles is changed ( several small changes )

    new TV listings menu , allows you to watch cut scenes , music videos , play a min game and other options )

    overall there is a lot of added content so it is worth playing the p4g version on vita in my opinion

    you’d need a ps4 controller to play the game using the vita TV if and when they release it in north america , so far vita TV is only coming out in Japan in 2014 and there are no plans on a releases elsewhere , plus they won’t be selling ps4 controller separately until at least next spring so you’d need to buy the ps4 to get one. the only games you can pay using vita tv and a ps3 controller will be psp and ps1 classics

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