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I lost the power cord to my Xbox Is it okay to use one to a computer moniter?


I plugged it in and my Xbox worked there were no problems.

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  1. If you aren’t running for long periods of time. Just don’t run for 4 hours + or there could be overheating. Get to a store within the next week or two and just use this to hold you over 😛

  2. Power cords are pretty much all the same, and I have often taken one from one device and used it on another. They all work the same way. Two things you should check though:

    1) Make sure the new cord you are using is of a similar thickness to the original Xbox one. If it’s too thin, it could overheat from not being able to cope with the current passing through it. If you’re not sure about this one, just check it next time you’re playing. I would say some heat wouldn’t be too much out of the ordinary, but if it burns to touch, it’s time to turn the xbox off and buy a genuine cord.

    2) Make sure you still have the power pack. Plugging the xbox in straight from the wall will fry its insides, lol.

    If it does the job, there’s no reason to waste money on another rip off Microsoft product.

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