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I live in Canada and I really want the xbox 360 but I’m scared of the Red Ring Of Death! please help!?



  1. have it laying down not flat i had it up and in two months it broke now i have it flat and it works

    broke in febuary of 08

  2. ok dude. first off. dont worry about the red ring!! it only comes up if u over play ur xbox. and the best thing to do is to lay ur xbox down dont stand it up. because i had a game and my xbox was standing up. the game fell out of the tray. so. just like. dont worry about the ring and u’ll be fine. =)

  3. the ring of death is unlikely if you follow these steps

    1.After every 2-3 hours of gameplay have a 30min break to let the 360 cool down

    2.Do not add any commercial fans as they only add too the overheating problems

    3. Keep your 360 in a well ventilated area where air moves freely

    4. do not place 360 on carpet place it on wood or glass is even better

    5. Raise 360 off the ground but do not place it in something like a home cinema system.

    6. Stand 360 up dont have it lying flat and make sure it has at least 6 inch free space at either side and at the back

  4. so whats the question? what does living in canada have to do with anything? go buy one and if u get the red rings call microsoft and they will fix it

  5. Here’s a better option.

    When you buy an XBOX 360, purchase a 2 year replacement plan for 39.99 – its more than worth it. I never had an XBOX that lasted over 1 year and warranty is very frustrating to deal with. With the replacement plan you can take your XBOX 360 back to the store and have it replaced on the spot with no questions asked within two years. This beats dealing with the Microsoft warranty.

    This way I renew my XBOX every year.

  6. They built xbox’s more reliable now and the chances of getting the red rings are less now. If you do get them just send it in.

  7. It took my original XBOX about 5 years before it croaked, and I’ve had the 360 for over a year now without any problems.

  8. 1st: all the issues has been addressed all new xboxs are much harder to overheat and have problems.

    2nd: Microsoft has extended all warranties to last 3 years, therefore you get the RROD and you send it in and get a new one or yours gets fixed

    3rd: prevention is easy, keep it ventilated, off carpet, and if you must keep it running for extended periods of time then just buy the intercool accessory this will keep it cooled down.

    And just chill when I got my xbox after the RROD had been fixed I have yet to have any problems 🙂

  9. soo question lol?

    w/e its not a big deal dude xboxs has a 4% fail rate and run much cooler then before

    things to prevent rrod it well simple things

    ~open space- do not place it in any close space like entertainment center and it dont matter if it has hole in the back air still in small space and even if u leave the door open it still to small

    ~dont place anything on top

    dont block the vents in anyway ya laying down block the two on bottom but it better then standing and block the biggest one that brings air in. what i did with my xbox is used a milk crate as it has holes on the bottom it helps the bottom vents to and keep the bottom a little bit cooler then just placeing it on the floor iam sure u can get one from krogers if u talk to a manager or corner store or so

    dont lay on carpet as it acts like a blanket

    and most inportion dont use intercooler u just mess it up more because draws power from the xbox and if it does break and microsoft find out well your warranty is voided and u be geting back in the mail just like u sent it off

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