Home Playstation Forum i dropped my ps3 slim! what should i do?

i dropped my ps3 slim! what should i do?


sorry fr bad english.hope u undrstand, yesterday i was playing call of duty i was happy until i died(in game) then i get mad , so i decided drink cola when i was going to get cola i didn’t noticed wire(f*ing A.V cable that was connected to ps3 and t.v) on the ground then it get stuck in my shoes and i mistakenly pulled the wire. console was on table then it falls on the ground(upside down) i was shocked, but then realized it wasn’t broken that bad and its still working but it started making funny noises,i decided to take console to repair shop. i took my console and i mistakenly dropped it again from stairs. it was like worst nightmare. now i have broken pieces of ps3. i don’t think it can be fixed. i have no idea what to do with it!!

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  1. Well i dont have any console.bt i know what to do to get rid of that ps3.well you should now take that for repair.or. just don’t think about it and buy a new console.

  2. Well first check if it works play with it for a while if it works then you good but if you see problems analyze if their major or minor like if it overheats quickly its a goner

    If it doesn't play games( try more than one game to make sure it's the game and not the system) your blu ray is fried and needs repair so just see if it works fine

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