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I can’t load my saves on my ps3 from games that i haven’t played from some time ago like MGS4?


The save data is not deleted it appears in my save data utility and it also shows that i have already installed the game a while back, but when I tried playing Metal Gear Solid 4 it told me to install the game even though i already installed the game and i have the data for that. Same thing happened when i tried to play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

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  1. Delete and reinstall the game data and see if that works.

    Your MGS4 save data is likely locked to your old user account on your other PS3. Many game developers do this. When I switched PS3’s I lost the ability to access some of my saves. It’s an unfortunate consequence of developers not wanting gamers to have easy access to trophies by sharing saves.

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