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How to make money for a PS3?


I wanna get a PS3 but I need some ideas on how to make money? Right now I got $80. I’m 15 so I’m gonna get a job over the summer. But for right now how else do I earn money? Andy ideas?
Where I live it doesn’t snow =\

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  1. haha want mine? (jk) =)

    um you could try getting a job at futurshop or sumthing,

    2 of my 15 year old friends got a job there or best buy.

    and u cud get a discount as well if u work there. and its a good

    summer job, but besides that. how bout a lemonade stand. lmao xD

    okay um, sell things on ebay? or, mow peoples lawn, be a newspaper man, work at a community center, stuff like that 🙂

    good luck!

    and happy holidays 🙂 x

  2. dude, i was in the exact same baot as you are in now

    except my buy was a plane ticket to Florida

    I highly suggest you start shoveling snow, if you don’t like the labor, get a snowblower, it’ll pay for itself in no time. Also try babysitting

    one last thing, SAVE ALL OF YOUR MONEY!! don’t spend 5 dollars here or 5 dollars there. Believe me, it can add up fast.

  3. Shuvel snow.

    Mow lawns.

    do chares around the house.

    BUY A LOTTERY TICKET! (haha jk)

    Bring soda or monster or Ampd (any energy drink) or something to school and sell it for like $5.

    massage your dad’s back for 10$ an hour

  4. It’s cold out right now and snowy. so go around your block and ask if you can shovel people’s driveways and sidewalks for like $10-$20. It worked for me when I was little. Try that out. When its hot out you can see if you can cut ppl grass if you want to make additional money.

  5. Santa’s aahhhh comin’ to town

    scribble down ‘PS3’ on your wishlist 😀

    jus kidding dude, ask if you can shovel snow for your neighbors, or even your parents

  6. sell old games u dont use. sell old things on amazon or ebay. buy a cheaper ps3 of ebay, it should still be boxed and new. sell sweets, chocolate and chewing gum at skool. loads of ways

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