Home Xbox Forum how much is this stuff worth? (xbox)?

how much is this stuff worth? (xbox)?


Xbox 360 slim console 4gb (White)

320GB Hard drive

All the cords etc

Black ops 2

far cry 3

fifa 13

rugby league live 2

forza motorsport

1 controller.

everything was bought brand new at the end of october in 2012, ive used it about 15 times for no more than 2 hours at a time. so whats the price i should put on this?

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  1. Depends on where you live really, does your country have a online selling site? something is craigslist or gumtree? check on there and get a estimation on how much it is worth, this will give you the best idea (check other similar listings to what you have there). Do not sell/trade in to a gaming store like EB games or something like that, they are rip offs. there wanted to pay me only $13 for grand theft auto iv special edition brand new.

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