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How do I use my headset with the PS3?


My headset is set up and ready to go for my PS3 but I just can’t seem to figure out how I talk when I’m playing a multiplayer game online. Is there a button I have to push or is the mic just always on? I’m confused because I’ve read that I may need to press and hold the “L3” button but then I’ve also read I don’t need to press anything. And if I have to use the L3 button, do I really have to hold it to speak? I can hear other people at times through my headset, I’m just not sure if they can hear me yet. Can anyone clear this up for me?

By the way, the games I’m playing online are Red Dead Redemtion, GTA IV and several sports game such as Madden and NHL ’10.

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  1. first make sure it’s set up properly ,turn it on and go to accessory settings > audio device settings > set it as your input and output devices and test it’s working when you speak

    second , games can use either an open mic or button press to talk method , and you’ll need to read each games manuals to see which is used and if a button is pressed which one – there’s no one way.

    third , look on the back of your games boxes to see if they even support the headset , not all have voice chat available

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