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How do i copy files from ps3 to pc?


i want to transfer some music and videos from my ps3 to my laptop but i don’t know how. is it possible? and is there a way without needing a usb flashdrive. i can’t find mine but if not how would you do it with the flashdrive just in case i find it.
my ps3 wont show up when i click “choose media streaming options for computer” its not there i checked all of the mac addressed and none of them match.

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  1. You will need an ext storage device such as an ext USB HDD or any USB tumb drive! You could also transfer files over a wireless connection as well!

    Here’s how!

    Open the “System Settings” menu on the PS3. Scroll to “System Information” and then “Network Settings.” Find your PS3’s MAC address located towards the bottom of the page and write it down.

    Double-click on the Windows “Control Panel” on your PC. Click on “Network and Sharing Center.” Click on “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” in the left-hand side bar.

    Click on the “Turn on network discovery” and “Turn on File and Printer sharing” radio buttons. Click on the “Choose media streaming options” below.

    Designate “All networks” in the drop-down menu. Double-click each “Unknown device” to see the MAC address of the device. Choose the device that matches the MAC address of your PS3. Click on the button next to the device to allow it for media sharing.

    Click on the “Search for Media Servers” in the “Video,” “Music,” or “Photo” menus on your PS3. Click on your PC to access files on it to transfer across.

    Just follow those steps I gave above and you should be fine! Good luck!

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