1. You need a psn account , then you simply sign into your ea account with the psn account , origin is for the pc version only

    just put in your e-mail and pick a password if you have never played an e a game and made an account , after that any game you play from ea uses the same account and signs in automatically

    I really doubt anyone plays bad company two online anyway , its 2 generation back in the battlefield game series and may not even have online servers active anymore , plus everyone who had bad company 2 is playing bf3 or bf4 now , not that old game

  2. Once again, Shadow shows just how much he knows, which is Jack and $hit. BFBC2 is still going strong online, given that BF4 is crap. Hell, even Battlefield 1943 has a lot of online players.

    What you need to do is to connect your PSN ID with your Origin account so that everything is linked for MP gaming with EA titles. EA started requiring this about 3 years ago.

    All you need to do is to go to the Origin Login screen and login with your PSN ID; there’s a button there to do just that. Once you do so, your accounts will be linked.

    Go to [url is not allowed], then the login link at the top right corner.

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