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how can i move my xbox 360 gamer profile to a new xbox?


i have got the old first version xbox 360 with the hard drive on top and im planning on buying the new black slim xbox 360, i was just wondering is there a way to transfer my gamer profile and game data because the new xbox comes with a new square like hard drive , help?

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  1. You can buy a trasfer cable, which is simple ‘plug and play’ device and it will transfer all data from the old xbox to the new xbox. you can alsso use recover gamertag to get your gamertag back

  2. You can do what he said or the most simplest way to do it is to get a flash drive and move every thing onto it in the storage option. You can put your profile on it too. So you won’t have to waste time downloading it again. Plus you can then copy everything onto your new Xbox and then back your game saves up on the flash drive.

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