Home Playstation Forum how can i know if my PS3 GPU is running out?

how can i know if my PS3 GPU is running out?


i bought a ps3 few monthes ago and now when i got some new games for it i saw graphic problems and i want to see if my gpu is okay for example i will get screen tearing in following games: army of two devil cartel serious sam 3 bfe dead rising 2 is it normal?
note that i ran this games from my external hard drive on my jailbroken ps3
Update 2:
some people had the same problems with dead rising 2 and army of two
Update 3:
i am playing fallout new vegas and the last of us without any screen tearing

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  1. That’s definitely not normal. It sounds like the GPU is failing. Mine started doing something similar until it finally completely failed.

  2. There’s no way to tell, games are not designed to use more gpu ram then the ps3 has, because the ps3 does not have upgradeable ram. If you are having issues it is because your gpu is failing

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