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how can i back up a ps2 game and play it on my ps3?


i got the files in an.iso file, and i dont know what to do next. ive tried burning it on a dvdr, but when i put it in my ps3 it says data disc, and doesnt show up as a game. please help me!
its an 80 gb btw.

i have no problem playing normal ps2 games on it.

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  1. I was told unless you purchase a ps3 that plays reverse games you cannot play ps2 games on your ps3 – but I am going to keep an eye on your question maybe someone has an idea that will work. I just don’t know of any.

  2. You CAN’T. Also there is no such thing as a ps3 that plays “reverse” games, I guess dude meant.iso images by that. There are no such ps3’s sold, and there are no mods for ps3 that will allow playing copied games either.

    The ps3’s firmware is regularly connected to the playstation network, and depends on that connection to work. If a mod becomes available, and you mod your ps3, Sony will update the firmware to scan all ps3’s for the mod, your ps3 will be detected as modded, and your modded ps3 will be immediately banned from PSN and from firmware downloads. They may disable the old version firmware on your ps3 too, making it useless. Modding and hacking are specifically prohibited in the EULA that you agreed to when you installed the firmware, and they can and will deny service to anyone who violates that EULA.

    There will never be a 3rd-party ps3 firmware either. The ps3 is not like a psp, it is a much more complex architecture and its hardware is designed to only work with one OS, that is, Sony’s. Linux installs operate in a virtual-machine environment, the hypervisor and OS-dedicated SPE are still in control of the machine in OtherOS. You will never be able to play ps2 games in OtherOS either because it has no gpu access.

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