Home Xbox Forum Hi how come Xbox LIVE Market doesn’t have Adult movies rentals?

Hi how come Xbox LIVE Market doesn’t have Adult movies rentals?


Hi I come tired from work & I work @ a family restaurant. When I get home from work, I sometimes I play Xbox LIVE or watch movies rentals on my market. Specially on Hi-Def picture. Why not?

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  1. Business decision by MS. Frankly, it was probably a good one. I can just see the evening news headlines now. A screaming parent talking about how they bought an xbox for their kid only to discover it had porn on it. (Never mind they would have to go download it. I can guarantee you that’s how the story would go. Go see the Mass Effect/Fox News controversy if you don’t believe me).

    edit – Even better example came to mind, the GTA Hot Coffee mod.

  2. Because the kids lie about their age enough already just so they can play mature rated content or get on Xbox Live without the parental controls. If they put they are over 18 then they are liable to look at any adult content, including adult movies. Im sure most parents don’t mind that their kids play games with people getting shot up, etc. But I’m pretty sure the parents would draw the line at porn.

  3. you mean like porn movies? c’mon microsoft would be getting sued left and right but they have regular movies out there that you can purchase for a 150 microsoft points

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