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gears of war xbox360?


I been having this problem for quite a while but everytime i play gears of war 3 any match i finish and every horde mode i complete the game freezes is there any solution maybe reseting the player data will work idk any ways any solution?

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  1. That sounds very bad. Sorry to hear that.

    The thought that comes to mind is that.

    Have you installed the game onto you Xbox?

    If not, then I suggest you do. It will make your 360 run a lot smoother (and quieter).

    A happy Xbox is a Happy Gamer.

    If you don’t know how to do it.I will include how to do it at the end of this answer.

    If you already have installed it I suggest delete it from the Memory and re install it.

    Perhaps there is Corrupted Data in that file.

    Another possibility is that the Disc itself is damaged.

    Try to clean it properly and try it again.

    Good Luck

    Installing a Game:

    On the Dashboard, Go to the tile that names the Game in the tray “Gears of War 3”

    Press The X button for Game Details. Then it should take you to a list that includes Install Game.

    Press it and Wait. It should Take about 10 minutes or so.

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