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Free Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error Repair Tips


According to some sources, at least one third of all Xbox 360 consoles have been or will be affected by the 3 red lights error. That’s a huge percentage of consoles that are faulty and when the red light error occurs they’ll be made completely useless except as an expensive paperweight. Because you shouldn’t have to put up with the red light error, in this article I am going to show you some of the best free Xbox 360 3 red lights error repair tips that will help you to fix your console and get gaming again in as little time as possible.

Before you can repair the red lights error you need to understand why it occurs in the first place. Have you ever noticed that Xbox 360 consoles seem to get very hot very very quickly? There have even been cases of some Xbox 360s getting so hot that it was actually possible to fry eggs on the outer casing! Well, all this excess heat is a bad thing as it can damage and warp delicate components such as the memory, processor and graphics chip. To prevent further damage and overheating the console is forced to go into a “stand by” mode where the 3 red lights are displayed on the front to warn you of the error.

Therefore, the only way to fix the 3 red lights error is to stop the source of the overheating, as well as repair any minor damage that may have already been caused. A popular urban myth is circulating that one way to do this is to wrap the broken Xbox 360 tightly in a bath towel. There are countless videos on YouTube of this being demonstrated by different gamers who all seem to claim that this is the best way to fix the problem. However, even though it may work in the short term, in the long run it will cause more damage than good because the bath towel will act as insulation. In fact, it entirely possible that the bath towel could catch alight which would result in a destroyed Xbox 360 and possibly even damage to people and property. If you’re serious about repairing the 3 red lights error on your Xbox 360 then you wont want to risk it with the towel wrap trick, even if it is free.

Another one of the best free Xbox 360 3 red lights error repair tips is that you should never attempt to re-solder your console yourself. When your Xbox 360 was made it was manufactured using expensive dust-free, industrial grade, automated soldering machines that cost tens of thousands of dollars each. Why then, would anybody actually believe that it is possible to perform a high tech soldering job with a hardware store soldering iron? Trying to re-solder your console will just cause it far more damage than what it may have had before, there is actually no need to even think about doing such a thing in order to repair the 3 red lights error.

In all honesty, the only truly viable option when it comes to repairing the 3 red lights error is to purchase a decent Xbox 360 repair guide, study it carefully and use the methods outlined in it to fix the problem. I would love to reveal exactly how to do this in this article, however, without video and audio it is a much more difficult process to follow. Therefore you really do need to get an Xbox 360 repair guide that offers detailed, high quality video and audio as well as free updates. Another good feature to look for is the ability for you to email pictures of the insides of your Xbox 360 console to the repair guide’s website, and then have their technical crew analyze your console from the pictures provided to create a specific repair procedure unique to you.

Today I’ve shown you some of the best free Xbox 360 3 red lights error repair tips that can be used to help you fix your broken Xbox 360 and get back to gaming as quickly as possible. Basically, to repair the problem you need to get rid of the overheating issue but this shouldn’t be done through wrapping your console in a bath towel or attempting to re-solder it. Instead, wisely invest in a good Xbox 360 repair guide that will show you step by step how to repair the 3 red lights error for good

[url not allowed] for more Xbox 360 3 red lights error repair tips that will have you gaming again in a couple of hours at James Philipson’s “Xbox 360 Central” website. James Philipson has worked in the electronics industry for over 10 years and has repaired over 30 Xbox 360 consoles since its release over two years ago. He is dedicated to teaching gamers how to repair the 3 red lights error with as little difficulty as possible.

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