Home Xbox Forum Does anyone know any good xbox 360 games?

Does anyone know any good xbox 360 games?


I’ve been playing my xbox 360 and i’ve been getting really bored.Does anyone have any recommendations especially sports gta sims anything like that?

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  1. Call of duty, battlefield 2 or 3, any assassins creed, dragons dogma, HALO!, Final Fantasy, GTA,

    try rpgs games because there is a lot to do compared to call of duty where you just run around with a gun 24/7 shooter games get very boring very fast. also try racing games 🙂

  2. Just a few of my favourites:

    Multiplayer – Battlefield 3/Bad Co 2,

    Gears of War 3

    RPG – Fallout 3/New Vegas, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption

    Gripping Story – Gears of War Saga, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Dutys (I like world at war the best) Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway

    Other – Bulletstorm, DJ Hero, GTA

    Hope this helps bro

  3. Here are a couple that I enjoy:

    Fifa street

    Fifa 12


    GTA:SA and GTA:IV, there is GTA:V coming out soon though.

    The sims isn’t really an xbox game, it’s more of a computer game.


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