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Does an HD TV improve graphics in video games?


I have been playing Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare on my Microsoft Xbox 360 Gaming console and on a VERY normal television screen. The graphics look amazing on it. But I was wondering if an HD TV improves the graphics? or really I wanna know what it does to improve the game. Does it do anything at all?


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  1. No it doesn’t do anything. That little switch on the cables to make it go HD is just there for S&Gs.

    Nah just kidding its a remarkable difference. You will hate playing on standard definition TVs after you hook it up to a nice 50″ with surround sound.

    Lol you gotta put your TV in HD mode though. I played for like a month and didn’t figure that out.

  2. My main TV is a 62″ widescreen rear projection HD tv and the one in my back bedroom is a 36 inch old tube tv. The difference is rather extreme in my opinion. Especially with games like gears of war 2 and others which really push the limits with graphics.

  3. Hd tv surely improves graphics. That’s why it is called hd tv (high definition television). While on a normal television the resolution is 480p, on a full hd tv it is 1080p. You can see the difference in the stats. But when you play in full hd, that is when you will see the true power of these amazing consoles. So if you can afford, then i really suggest getting a full hd tv. Another thing to remember is that “hd ready” is different from “full hd”. The former one means the tv has a native resolution of 720p and can max show 1080i. And the latter one is the one you will want. That one is full 1080p. And another thing is, the difference between 720p and 1080p can’t be recognized unless you use a large screen (over 32″). On smaller screen size, both of the resolutions will look the same although they are not the same. But you surely will see the difference from your current tv no matter what size you use.

  4. If you have a HD TV and either component or HDMI cable, you will see a huge difference. Games looks so much brighter, crisper, and more detailed than a normal TV. If you go to Best Buy, look at the games on HD and then go home and look at your games. You will see a huge difference.

  5. HDTVs will improve the visuals. If you’re using a standard CRT or Tube TV then you’re missing out on a lot of detail. Using something HD will improve your ability to see small details and will make the game more pleasurable. Just to put it in perspective, try changing the resolution on your computer as low as it will go. Notice how things have to get bigger and detail is lost. Now change it back and see how much more you can see. HD in games is the same principle. You can see more detail, and you will be able to see depth and color much better than on a 480i TV. If you want to try out a cheap HD solution and don’t mind the size, you can get a 1080p (Full HD) Computer monitor like the 23″ Acer H233H ($220 at best buy) which has HDMI built in. The sound on the speakers for a monitor will be lacking, but you can use the alternative audio cable that comes with the HDMI cable by microsoft. Understand that while using such a small HD screen you will probably have to sit closer (like two to three feet away)

    Please also understand that some games like Fallout 3 advertise on the back of the box “1080p” however they are only upscaled to that resolution. The true rendering resolution is actually 720p. Some games like Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 all render at 1080p.

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