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Connection problems with xBox Live?


My son is having problems with his connection to xBox live. He continues to loose his connection, just for a split second, and he has to sign back in and start another game up. This happens around ten times per hour. We have contacted xBox Live, our internet provider, and the provider of our router and the problem still exists. Is there something we could try or who should take care of the problem (is it our internet, router, or a xbox live problem)? Thank you for any help you may provide, he has been getting very upset over this problem!


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  1. Is it a wried connection or wireless, if it is the latter, run an ethernet cord and see if the problem persists. If it does even on a wired connection, call your ISP and ask them to run a packet test to see if your signal is weak.

    If you are already on a wired connection, unplug your modem and router for about 30 seconds, plug everything back in and try it again. Unplug the modem and router, do not just hit the standby button. You are trying to renew your IP by doing this. m,ake sure the console is off while you are doing all this as well.

  2. how is he connecting to the internet?

    my friend has the same problem, and we determined that its because he uses an Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect to the wireless.

    something you can try is to use the included ground cable to physically connect to Live. see how long the connection lasts, if it breaks at all.

    if it doesn’t break, you know what the source of the problem is. if it does, then i’d contact Microsoft about the issues and take it up with them.

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