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Connection interupted on xbox live?


I lag out of every single match I play on my xbox 360. I cannot play my games. A connection interrupted pops up and most of the time it last for about 5 seconds and it lags me back to the spot where it first started. This happens every few moments. Then i get the connection interrupted again and my guy like plunges into white nothingness. I can still here the people and explosions. Then i get booted back to main screen with “game lobby closed”.etc. (messages along those lines). THis is on black ops.

I have a Linksys wireless router. my modem is a belkin. My xbox has the wireless adaptor and that’s how i get my internet. I literally lag out of EVERY SINGLE GAME. Its pathetic. I cant play with my friends.

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  1. Mines been doing this all day. Its either xbox live or the internet providers. I know here in the UK the internet providers have been having huge problems. If your in the US though it makes me wonder if its xbox live itself

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