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Can you hook up a 120 GB elite hard drive to an Xbox 360 Pro?


I’m getting a new xbox because my old one broke. I’m keeping the 120 gb hard drive that has all my stuff on it. (My old one was an elite)

Im planning on buying a Pro model that will come with a 20gb hard drive, I obviously don’t need the hard drive.

I know it will look retarded (white xbox/black hard drive) but I need to know if it is cross compatible.

Please help.

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  1. It’ll work just fine. All the older model 360s (Arcade, Pro, Elite, Core, Premium) can use each other’s hard drives.

    Just remember to re-license your DLC through [url is not allowed] so that you can use your content (if you have any) on the new console when not connected to Live.

  2. Should be. You were always able to upgrade memory it just would have cost to buy a bigger hard drive. The only incompatibilities that I know of is trying to use a hard drive from the old 360’s with the slim

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