Home Playstation Forum Can i get a playstation 3 to work on a philips projector?

Can i get a playstation 3 to work on a philips projector?


I have no TV in the house but we have a projector. How can i get a ps3 to work on it?

Does anyone here own a philips projector? There is three holes one yellow, one white and one red and a lead that comes with the ps3 that has plugs matching these colours but it doesn’t seem to work!
any ideas would be greatly appreciated and any guidance as i really want to buy a ps3 tommorrow so need to get this working, i am trying to get my mates ps3 nextdoor to work on our projector.
Update 2:
silencethee ps3 is gonna blow both other consoles out the water wait and see, ps3 sales over took wii last week alone. Wait and see.

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  1. Have you Tried Going Through The Projector’s Set-Up Menu? Make Sure the Setting Is On RGB.

    The PS3 Configures Itself When It Is First Turned On And Choses A Suitable Output So If You friend Has Connected It To His TV Via an HDMI Cable Then The PS3 System Will Still Be Outputing Via HDMI. Tell Your Friend To First Change The Settings To AV-Out when It Is Connected To His TV. Then Take The PS3, Connect It To Your Projector Using The Red, Yellow And White Connectors And It Should Work Fine. Hope This Works.

    PS. The Guy Above Me. Obviously An XBOX Fanboy. Do Not Listen To Him. Sony Are Nowhere Near Scrapping The PS3!

    Hope I Was Of Assistance 🙂 Enjoy Your PS3 If All Is Successful!

  2. Hey Wave, first of all id like to say dont listen to the prat who just said Sony are dumping the PS3, its going to last you for 7 years guarantee.

    Im not sure which Phillips projector you have, however the PS3 comes with a composite cable, which is red, white and yellow.

    Plug the red and white jacks into the back of the projector. Now you say there are three yellow holes. well in front of one of them yellow holes it should say video, plug the yellow jack into the yellow input. And bingo you should be good. You see the red and white is for the audio and yellow is for video.

    Also your friend next door may be using HDMI or Component, tell him to put the video setting back to RGB. then bring it back to your house and try it.

    After that if it doesnt work, hold the PS3 on/off button until you hear a beep should hold the button for about 8 seconds, this will try and reset the PS3 to standard which is the composite cable. Let me know how you get one.

    Merry Xmas and yet again dont listen to the guy who was bashing the PS3.

    I agree, the ps3 will own all consoles in 2008. Spread the word!

  3. I don’t know how to hook it up.but I am pretty sure you can use a projector because a friend of my husband’s had his hooked up to a projector. I’m not sure what kind it was, but he said it looked really good.

  4. the guy that said sony is gonna dump the ps3 is retarded because its outsellling teh wii and 360 in japan and germany right now and the rest of the world will follow if your output is in hdmi when ever the red light is on and its in standby mode hold down the touch power button and after a few seconds it will beep and reset all the output settings back to default and also if your using a theme it will take it off but you will just have to change it back

  5. Playstation is getting ready to dump PS3 due to its poor sales numbers (despite its huge 100 dollar price cut). I would be rethinking that PS3 if I were you. IBM has already stopped R&D for Sony because of it. Theres no reason why that projector shouldn’t work, does it work with your DVD player?

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