Home Xbox Forum Can anyone please tell me about this Xbox 360 pro?

Can anyone please tell me about this Xbox 360 pro?


Hi, I found a site that was selling rather cheap Xbox pros and I was wondering why it was so cheap. Does it come with everything it needs and is it new? Please help me im new with three sixtys heres the link to the three sixty

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  1. Newegg is an established website that sells electronics and computers. They tend to sell refurbished units. (Not everything is refurbished from them, but most of it is.) When you click on this link, the tab on the browser says that it is a recertified system. That means that it is refurbished, but implies that it is a Microsoft approved refurbish. I don’t know what kind of warranty that you would receive. It does say that there is a 30 day return policy, but I am unsure of Microsoft’s warranty on it.

    It falls into the category of “shop at your own risk.” Newegg is considered a reliable site. I personally would take the chance, but that is just me.

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