Home Playstation Forum Buying a PS3, I have some questions.?

Buying a PS3, I have some questions.?


I’m planning to buy a refurbished PS3, and I was wondering:

-Where to get a cheap refurbished one (a price range of $100- 250)

-Which PS3? 160G? 80G? 60G? 40G?

-Do you have to pay a monthly fee?

Thanks 😀

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  1. a new ps3 160 gig is $249 so if you are willing to pay $250 get it new and get a warranty ( a used ps3 will not be guaranteed and could even be banned from PlayStation network so be sure about it )

    you can buy used consoles for between $150 and $199 anywhere , ebay , amazon , gamestop etc.

    if you want a new one get the 160 gig , if getting a used one then whatever you can afford and plan on buying a bigger herd drive for it if it is smaller than 80 gigs sooner than later

    there is no fees to play online or sign up for psn , just the usual monthly cost you pay your isp for internet service

  2. No do not a refurbished get the brand new $250 160gb one more then enough space and so u know it will work and no not at gamestop no monthley fee

  3. Cheap reburished PS3 – Either Gamestop or Ebay

    Which PS3? – Depends if you want a slim, backwards compatible or neither (see below)

    No Monthly fees on anything including online play.

    60gb is backwards compatible (around 80% of games are backwards compatible)

    40gb is not backwards compatible

    80gb is not backwards compatible

    160gb is the slim version but not backwards comaptible. (this would be my choice, smaller, more efficient, less bugs, newer and quieter)

  4. Ok, you must be new to playstation so let me tell you the basics the playstation 3 price drop to a very cheap and afforable price.you should get the 160g ( slim version ) because it last longer and it has more memory besides the online gaming it’s completely free. hope this helped

  5. PlayStation 3 is more than just a gaming system, it is an entire entertainment experience! Music, photos, videos, Blu-ray movies (unbeatable picture!), and high definition gaming. what more could you need from a gaming system? Not to mention the FREE Playstation Network online gaming. The Playstation store is easy to navigate and always updated with the latest tv episodes, movies, games, demos, etc. The sleek Sony controller doesn’t feel too bloated like the xbox 360 controller. I have this system running for hours every night, whether I’m playing online gaming, watching a blu-ray high definition movie, or listening to music. Definitely worth the money!

  6. if your planning on playing online get and xbox 360 even though you have to pay for it , xboxlive doesnt crash you have more reliability and a better controller , i have a ps3 and xbox and i use xbox 360 more

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