Home Playstation Forum Are they going to charge for online on ps3?

Are they going to charge for online on ps3?


Are they GOING to charge. Cheers

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  1. no, as far as psn are concerned it is a free service for time. but you can pay for psnplus which has some good bonuses

  2. PSN its self is free. The only way they can charge you is if you buy something off the Playstation Store. Also you can pay per month if you want PSN Plus which has some pretty good bonuses.

    Anyone that tells it will soon have to be payed for is an XBOX fanboy or some person who knows absolutely nothing about what they are talking about.

  3. No, but PS3 is adding an optional Membership that allows the user to get Full-Game trails (Instead of Demos) earlier betas, in-game cross chatting (like Xbox 360). They are committed to keeping gameplay free.

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