Home Xbox Forum Anyone get banned on xbox live today Nov 1, 2010?

Anyone get banned on xbox live today Nov 1, 2010?


i have two systems one flashed i believe with LT, running other one for now.

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  1. * YOU, u guys are just jealous that people with skill can modd a xbox and never have to purchase a game again while you cant and you spend hundreds of dollors. fags

  2. you got what was coming to you!!

    jackass!! who the hell needs to mod!! games are easy.hmm.i think i know who. untalented, unskilled, and retarded people like you!

    RIH! (rot in hell)

  3. LMAO.you squares are so funny! Yeah I modded mine so what? Oh not not a ban! i’ll buy another on ebay for 80 bucks and mod it again lol, but no need for that since I just re-modded again after the update 🙂

    edit; Armando i would wait til another patch comes put for the new mod, should come soon

  4. Im running lt did update and still on live and to all you haters dont get pissed off because your to stupid to mod your xbox

  5. so if i get my 360 put back to the original firmware do the update then reflash it after is the fix for the update?

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