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All I need to know about my first Xbox 360?


So in about a week I get my first Xbox 360. I have played one many times before but, i’m not exactly sure how to do much. Such as add gamers? Or like, gamer tags or whatever? I’m clueless. Also good game suggestions? I already know I like Halo and COD Black Ops Zombies and a few other things. Also I will have a Turtle Bay head set. How to use that? I will also have a gamer pad, like a uhm, a messenger thing?

But yeah i really just need a run down of everything I will need to know about my first Xbox 360. Also like I said, game suggestions? Thanks! 😀

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  1. Honestly like he said it would be useless to buy a 360 when the 720 is coming out very soon and also for your question. I don’t mean to be rude but its all pretty much self explanatory you will figure it out fairly easy once you get online. Just hit the middle button on the controller. hope this helps And also I don’t know if you like computer games or leveling games but I just started playing diabolo 3 for Xbox 360 and I give it 6 stars out of 5 haha its awesome!! I highly suggest it

  2. When you get on it its pretty much all there for you, just read and follow what it tells you to do. But keep in mind if you get live, its will only be around for 3 more years cause the new xbox one.

    As for game suggestions I would say borderlands, dead island, GTA, Mw2

  3. screw the xbox one, stick with the 360, its a blast get skyrim for sure, hands down best game out there and if you like sports madden is a good one, alone with any of the call of duties me and my buddies are big into zombies so we play black ops 2 all the time

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