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a question about PS3?


my son asked me to ask if you can play PS2 games on the PS3 system. I told him to ask the videp store but he didn’t want to look stupid.

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  1. If you bought for him the newer 80GB version that costs $400 then it can’t play PS2 games, and if you also bought him the 40GB version that costs $400 too, it can’t play PS2 games. But if you bought him the older 80GB version that cost $500 then that one can play PS2 games.

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  3. no not on any of the new models available in stores currently.

    only on the first ps3’s like the 20gb,60gb and some old 80gb ps3’s.

    where ever you buy one ask them they should know.

  4. No, only if you have backwards compatibility which is only on the ps3 160gb. I have the 80gb and i thought that i could play my ps2 games on it, but i was wrong. Very disappointed i was. But only if you have the new 160gb.

  5. it depends what ps3 your son has. i know for a fact that the original 20GB and 60GB models WILL play ps2 games.the new 80GB and 160 GB models DONT PLAY ps2 games

  6. Only the 20, 60, and the original 80GB (from the Metal Gear Solid 4 and Motorstorm bundles) are backwards compatible with PS2 games.

    The 20 and 60GB have much better backwards compatibility and can play about 97% of PS2 games properly.

    The original 80GB plays about 70% of PS2 games properly. Look at this chart for compatibility status.

    [url is not allowed].

    The 40GB, new 80GB Core, and 160GB do not play any PS2 games.

    All PS3s play PS1 games.

  7. They aren’t selling the 60gb ps3 anymore, which is the only version you can play ps2 games on. Well at least this is happening in Australia. I bought a ps3 the other day, and put ps2 games in it and it did not read, so my dad looked on the internet and they are no longer selling ps3’s that can play ps2 games. This is because they want people to buy ps3 games because they are more expensive and stuff. There are special codes on the back of the ps3 to tell if yours can play ps2 games or not, but they have to be 60gb. You can search it on google, and it will give you the information i am giving. If you try and play a ps2 game on a ps3 which is not 60gbs, the ps3 will read it as backward incompatible which means it won’t work.

  8. you can play ps1 games but no if you brought it Between November 2006-August 2007 it does but now you can’t play ps2 games.on it because sony wanted to cut costs which sucks.:(

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