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40GB PS3 With Only 31GB?


I have a 40GB PS3 but in system information it says 37GB I know that’s because of the OS but I formatted the PS3 yesterday and it was 31GB/37GB WITH NOTHING ON IT!


My PS3 had 37GB/37GB when I first got it

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  1. When they make a PS3 system they use some of the memory with there mandatory items they need on the PS3. Like the XMB screen. Whenever you play a game it has to install it. I have a 60GB and it says 55GB/35GB. I take alot of memory I’m upgrading it soon.

  2. About 5-6GB of your hard drive is used for system software (ya I know it sucks you lose hard drive space, but it’s the same thing for the Wii and Xbox 360).

    And when a hard drive is manufactured, its real hard drive space is not always gonna be “on-the-dot”. It may be a couple GB off. I have an 80GB and it says my hard drive is 74GB big.

    If you are running out of room, you can buy a bigger 2.5 inch SATA hard disk drive. On the left side of your PS3, there is a slot for the HDD. It takes a few minutes to replace it, but it’s worth it if you need a bigger hard drive. Replacing the HDD does not void your warranty.

  3. fame saves profiles stuff like that but u can add an external harddrive and upp it to about 530 girgs i did that with my 80 g only cuz i have 5 bros and 3 sisters

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