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360 slim questions :D:D?


ok so i am getting a 360 slime but i have questions

1) can i upgrade its memory? because i dont wanna fill it all up with my music and have nothing left for games

2) is it relabile scarcth games all the time when it is moved

3) i have a Ps3 too i want an xbox dont troll me please

4) do you start out with live?

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  1. Yes, you can upgrade the memory. You can add up to 4 (maybe 5) 16 gb flashdrives in the USB ports and format them to be used by the Xbox. So they should work unless you have some serious music collection.

    No scratches so far, although I have not moved it much at all. Probably the same as most systems, just do not move it while it is running.

    No you do not start out with free live. I would pick some up soon though because there is going to be a price increase soon.

  2. Yes you can upgrade the HDD to 250GB for $149.95 AUD at EB/Gamestop and there is no point on saving the games to the HDD as you must have the disc in the system for it to run.

    Yes, don’t bother getting GGs unless you suck at looking after discs they will be fine

    You can get Xbox live silver for free but must pay for gold

  3. 1.) I’m pretty sure that it can be considering that you can remove the HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

    2.) I have it and it really doesn’t scratch the games, and if you install the game onto the Xbox (which takes a little bit of time) and prevents scratches and better loading times.

    3.) Not really sure what the question is, but the Xbox is fun, but i’d imagine it would get a little costly with two consoles. Also the sensor button to turn it on/off and eject it is pretty epic.

    4.) You start out with a basic live, but to get better online play and such you have to go gold. It’s about $60 for a year and there is one for 3 month’s, but the year is a better buy.

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