Home Playstation Forum (10 Points)PS4 Questions to answer.?

(10 Points)PS4 Questions to answer.?


1.When will the PS4’s price drop to about $300 or less?

In 1.5 Yrs?

2 Yrs?

2.Does the PS4 need the $50/month subscription for cross game chatting?

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  1. Price drop= 6 months after release

    cross chat= all member ships expect for 50 a year are months and have cross chat especialy with the game destiny wich has cross chat to ps3 ps4 xbox 360 and xbox one

  2. 1. No one knows. But it probably won’t be for 2 years, since that’s how long it took for the PS3 to receive it’s first actual price cut.

    2. It’s $50 a year, not $50 a month.

    And no, it doesn’t.

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