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Let’s Play Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction – Episode 1


Today, we run through Kerwan and Cobalia for the first times!

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Let's Play Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Episode 1


  1. The time I spent playing the first 4 games for PS2(excluding Size Matters, ugh)… Beautiful times :')

  2. miss this game, it was our first PS3 game my bro n i got and we played the shit out of it!

  3. Everything after Ratchet & Clank 2 has been such a disappointment… all makeup, no personality :(

  4. Yea, the physics are cool butI'd rather the old box physics for some reasons…
    They can tumble way too far and fall of cliffs
    But bolt automatically go to you in this game but in the old game you'd have to pick them up

  5. I still think Drek is pretty badass. I mean, taking parts of other planets to create the perfect one? Terrifying yet awesome!

  6. This was my first R&C (fully played through myself) I had played the first 2 on PS2 but not enough to actually begin to love the franchise. Definitely one of my favorites, even the storyline is amazing. Only one I disliked was All 4 One

  7. "Experiencing this game again for the first time???"
    Try the phrase that works for me: I'm rusty!

  8. "Always get all the boxes." I learned that when I first played the demo for Ratch and Clank.
    For the record, those "robot commandos" are more like Daleks; somebody's wearing that armor!

  9. The reason for the rant in that last comment; it seems every time I watch a video game walkthrough, the person who shot it talks all the way through it about anything and everything! Such people appear to be in love with the sound of their own voices!

  10. To all those who do the walkthrough thing on YouTube:
    Please keep the babbling, blabbing, jabbering, yakking, yammering and yakking to a minimum and on point!

  11. Is this one of your first LP's or something? I know you've already played the game but you really spoil a lot. Yeah, you're good at the game and all–which is nice because I always pull my hair out over people making dumb decisions in video games–but I feel like there had to have been other people like me who would've liked to find out about things like the Leviathan souls or the Zoni when the game reveals that information.

  12. I love this game too. I remember in the soft play looking at my dad holding this game up at me when I was 8. but it's now scratched and keeps on crashing.

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