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CGRundertow ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review Part One


CGRundertow ULTIMATE MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 for Xbox 360 Video Game Review Part One


  1. Here are 4 reasons why the Marvel vs Capcom series sucks:

    1. The gameplay is WAY too fast paced, and it is not well-balanced like the Street Fighter series.
    2. There are no light, medium, and heavy punch buttons, and there are no light, medium, and heavy kick buttons! They are just called light, medium, and heavy attack buttons! What is this? Sonic Battle for the GBA?
    3. The characters jump WAY too high in the air as if this was Virtua Fighter in the world of Marvel vs Capcom!
    And 4. 3 vs 3 is WAY too much! Why can't the Marvel vs Capcom series play like a 1 vs 1 fighting game series?

  2. We need shonen jump vs capcom. I wanna beat up Viewtiful Joe with Bobobo Bo Bobobo (even though I don't read manga or watch anime, i'd still buy it)

  3. i like that they brought ghost rider,dante and vigel into this game i know most of you morons don't like it because it doesn't have all the old characters but i like it

  4. this rant was bullshit yeah i know the game is not perfect but it's not as bad as you say,or are you just mad that you can't be galactus you're a fucking asshole that deserves everything that's coming to him

  5. Sega vs nintendo on all consoles sonic vs mario shadow vs luigi nights vs pit this game would be awesome ive got a lot more matchups

  6. Lackluster is the best way to sum up UMVC 3. The only people that think that this game is "amazing" are fanboys that are cock-sucking Modern Day Capcom and the FGC that are infamous for being a cock-sucking crack-whores for good mechanics. 

  7. I couldnt agree More, SNK Vs Capcom 2 was the greatest beat em up game of all time ! I would love to see SNK Vs Capcom 3 !!! (and dear god please no re releases of ultimate editions or super snk vs capcom ultimate turbo remix blah blah blah) just ONE great game.

  8. That would be interesting. I'd love to see that. However my dream slash game would always be, Fate/stay night vs Capcom. Its always been a dream of mine to see archer and Vergil fight. 

  9. Hm, Vergil from DMC3, Dante and Trish, fighting against Nintendo characters?

    Good luck with mopping up the blood from the floor. 

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