Home Playstation Forum Is there a problem with MW2 ps3 online today?

Is there a problem with MW2 ps3 online today?


I normally have a great connection but the gameplay today is stuttered and laggy at times and when I think it’s someone else, it’s actually me. I’ve checked the connection test and reset my router. Just wanted to know if anyone else was having the same problem or could suggest a resolution?

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  1. SERVER CONNECTION TIMED OUT. I got 20+ kills and was slaying with Harrier and sentry gun, then BLIP.game over, didn’t count it.

  2. Yes, it’s because the new map pack came out today. Considering that some people have no maps, some have one pack or the other and some have both packs. There will be some issues with matchmaking and connection for a day or two most likely. Hopefully it wont take too long for them to get it all figured out and working smoothly.

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