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XBOX live – Opening NAT?


I have xbox live, and I’ve had a lot of problems dealing with a Strict NAT.and I’d like to try to open it. My stepdad is a real paranoid when it comes to Hackers and Viruses and what not. And, he’s REEEALLY edgy. So before I go and get myself on his bad side, I’d like to know a little bit more about the differences between open and strict NAT. Like, would it make our network and computers weaker against viruses and stuff? =\

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  1. it depends on your type of router, whether it uses mac filtering or password protected, it will not weaken your computers defenses against viruses and spywear. what you will need to do is use port forwarding on your router (usually ajusted online) e.g type int you web browser (the exact code may differ) and go to applications and gaiming and you will have to open up the port for your xbox (this will only effect nat for your xbox) so it will be just as safe.

    hope i have helped,


    p.s call up xbox support and they will guide you through it step by step which is helpful. and yes despite what others may say it will be safe!

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