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Xbox 720 or the Plastation 4?


Which is the best console and why?

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  1. Do a little research and you will find 50 questions on he matter but i say the xbox one it has better multiplayer and i love multiplayer.

  2. At first I thought Xbox because of the ps3 but the new Xbox doesn’t allow preowned games and Xbox live is so much more complicated, so ps4 is the one I would go with

  3. 720? Is that what it’s called? I thought it was the X-box 1 (Which sounds absolutely rubbish) Not that I’d ever downgrade, and buy a ‘Playstation’ though. Once this Xbox 1 flops, and they just get back to making awesome games-consoles – Then – I’ll buy.

  4. have you been living under a rock? its not called the xbox 720 it the xbox one. and Id choose the ps4. cheaper, better hardware, more powerful.the list is just too long to go through lol. lets just say the ps4 just owns it in every imagineable way. amazon did a ps4 or xbox one poll and 95% prefer the ps4. google ps4 vs xbox one amazon versus if you find that too hard to believe.

  5. PS4 no doubt. not to mention sony has the better game studios which means better exclusives on a regular basis just like there is on the ps3. xbox one is awful

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