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xbox 360 with RROD? Please answer?


On craigslist, there is an xbox 360 for only 50 dollars that has the RROD. So if i buy it, will i still be able to send it to Microsoft and not have to pay for them to fix it? i could do the towel trick, but since im not the original owner and dont have the warranty, what will happen?

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  1. No dont, that would the stupidest thing you would have done.

    I wouldnt buy it if it got the RROD.

    Chances are that even if you did the towel trick mite not actually work.

    Who knows what that person did.

  2. It depends on when the guy bought the 360. If it’s a launch, then obviously the 3 year warranty has already expired.

    It also depends on what he did or didn’t do to the 360. If he opened it up and broke the seal, then MS isn’t going to fix it. If he modded it, then you’re out of luck.

  3. no you cant send it in for free cause you dont have the warranty and you would have to do the trowel trick which would last up to a week and you would have to do it over again so other than that dont get it

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