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Xbox 360 will connect to internet but it can’t connect to Xbox Live?


I was setting up my Xbox 360 today. I tried to connect to a Cisco Valet router, and during the tests, the Xbox connected to the internet but it cannot connect to Live. Does anyone know how I can fix this? There are no firewalls on my computer or router as far as I know.

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  1. This is the method recommended to me by xbox live customer services.

    goto portforward.com

    click router list

    Scroll down there’s a massive list of router makes and model numbers,find yours and click it

    on the next page it tries to make you pay for the service but just click skip this advertisement in the top right.

    scroll down the next page and click on xbox live 360

    then follow the instructions,

    it looks a bit daunting but it’s not as complex as it seems and mine worked straight away after doing this.

    EDIT even without gold membership you can still connect to xbox live for free,it’s known as silver membership.

    EDIT to access your router,type the ip printed on the back of your router in the address bar

    the username and password will both be admin

    then follow the other instructions I gave you.

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