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Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable to monitor. Sound?


I own an xbox 360and am thinking about buying the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable to hook it up to my computer monitor. My only concern is, will hooking up the VGA cable from the xbox to the monitor let me use my computer’s speakers?

or do i HAVE to use the red and white audio cables to get the sound out of my computer?

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  1. A VGA (Video Graphics Array) connection will never provide you with sound. You will have to use the stereo cables that are part of the VGA HD AV cable. You will either need a new set of speakers for your XBOX360 or buy an adapter that will convert the Red/White cables into a 1/4″ jack to plug into the line-in of your computer.

    I recommend just getting new speakers that will be an easy hookup from your VGA HD AV cables. Otherwise you will always have to run your computer whenever you want to get sound from your XBOX360 if its hooked up that way.

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