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Xbox 360 Slim Jtag USB Method?


I was wondering what site would be best to get this Jtag from. I’ve tried a Jtag program called Xex Menu 1.4 but once I got passed all the stupid surveys it turns out I can’t even unzip the folder because I have a “possible wrong password.” So for anyone who currently has their Xbox 360 Slim Jtagged using this USB method could you maybe explain how you got all through these problems and even name what program and site you used? I do realize this is illegal but it won’t be the first time someone has ever downloaded a game for free.


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  1. So you think since other people do something that is bad and illegal that it is alright for you to do it? Your morals are completely messed up. You cannot justify stealing.

  2. There is no way to JTAG a console with just a usb stick. You have to first hard mod the console with a mod chip or some transistors/diodes/resistors. If you want your console to be modded it first has to have a dash of 14719 or lower.

    If you want one on one help please contact me below:

    email: [email is not allowed]

    aim: monkeyman oo7 69


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