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Xbox 360 Slim freezes up when I sign into Xbox Live?


I’ve had my Xbox for a little over a year now no problems up till now, I turned it on and it would say “one friend online” as it was loading then it would freeze before it got to the dashboard. A friend said to take out the hard drive and put it back in, I did and it started up and when to the Dashboard, but I noticed I wasn’t signed in to Xbox Live, to I hit inside and it’s the same thing as before, “one friend online” then it freezes before it gets to the dashboard. Any Idea what’s wrong?

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  1. I’m having a similar issue, so it’s not you. I’ve found a workaround, but it makes it so you aren’t signed in to your profile (or xbox live if you want to do the ‘easier’ workaround that I can’t actually do).

    If you’re quick enough, you can sign in with a different profile on your xbox which will cancel that sign-in, and then you can just press the ‘b’ button to cancel the second sign-in, leaving you without a profile but still able to play your xbox.

    The other workaround is to disconnect your xbox from any active internet source and then sign in (As i’ve said, I cannot do this one, and that’s because my connection is wireless, and if I disable that then I would also be disabling the cable and internet for both me and the people living in my downstairs apartment).

  2. I had same problem it happened to me today what i did was.unplux xbox remove vend on cd tray side remove plastin under the vent unscrew ur wifi antenne then plug ur xbox and it will work formate it and do system restore go to setting consol setting go down to about xbox click it then type in lt rt x y lb rb x x up down on ur cross button.then it will be like when u bought it.then close it open it again make sure its good if so close it then unplug it then scren in ur wifi antennaagain then put back vents plug it download ur profile good to go bro it happened to me i fixed it in 2houers not even it works good now.

  3. I have 2 xboxes both doing the same thing today. I think there must be a problem with Xbox live

    Update. Xbox has this up

    [url is not allowed]

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